Asset Management

About our Asset Management Services

As a commercial real estate asset management company, UIRC offers comprehensive asset management services that will help your current assets thrive and allow you to acquire valuable new assets. Asset management is one of the many ways we allow our clients to concentrate on the core aspects of their business while still maximizing the value of their portfolio.

Our property management services include property management, financial services, and corporate solutions.

  • Property Management: We meet all your needs with the full range of property management services.
  • Financial Services: We provide both independent and fully integrated accounting services for all properties across every major asset class in the industry.
  • Corporate Solutions: Corporate solutions include better vendors, lower overhead, and smarter buildings so you can ensure all aspects of your properties are running at optimal functionality.

These asset management services are just one of the many things we do that make us a premier commercial real estate asset management company you can trust with your investments.


With over 100 years of providing property management, financial services, and corporate solutions to investors and property owners across the entire country, no one has more experience than UIRC. This experience as pioneers in the commercial real estate industry has given us the expertise necessary to create value for owners, tenants, and investors.

We aim to reduce costs and give you every necessary resource so you can optimize your operations and have more time to focus on what you feel is important. Because no other commercial real estate asset management company has the same amount of experience and expertise as we do, you can’t get the same results anywhere else.

We are committed to excellence in the form of diligence, quality service, collaboration, and trust. Contact us today to experience the UIRC difference for yourself!